Lauren Ball

Internet Head-Scratcher


Lauren is a Senior Ruby on Rails developer, currently bopping in or around Boston Massachusetts.

If you're just here to poke around, poke away! Feel free to drop a line if you want to chat about something that excites you.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys sinking into a complicated video game or board game, baking, doing logic puzzles, and riding her bike.

Unfortunately, at the time of pulling this brief bio together, she does not have any existing photos of her looking wistfully off the edge the frame, but watch this space in case that ever changes. In the interim, feel free to imagine something bashful.



The perfect discord bot for anyone in need of a yes-man. Steven is a lightweight discord bot whose primary function is semi-random affirmation for configured users.

Soft Diner Syntax

Atom dark syntax theme with a hazy neon vibe

Jekyll & UIKit based personal portfolio site and blog. You may have been there before. It's more likely than you think!

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