Ch-ch-ch-checkin' In

Where has the time gone?

In my last post, I included the aspirational goal of making one of these posts monthly, maybe. In fairness, I didn’t really commit to it very convincingly even when there were no stakes and I was full of that fresh just-built-a-thing energy.

Anyway, in the time between now and then, there have been many general changes in my sphere, both from a development and personal standpoint. I figured it would make sense to just write something down here even if there wasn’t much interesting to say for the sake of getting things moving here. I am, as always, afraid of disappointing my fanatic readership of 0.

So, quick highlights from the last few months:

I don’t think that’s an exhaustive list of “things,” but it’s a start. I have a number of ideas of things to build in my time away from work, but I’m stunted because I feel that I either need to rest or use productive energy doing interview prep and resume updating. I’m sure it will work out one way or another.